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Green-throated Mountain-gem

El Pilar Birding Tour – Antigua Guatemala

Horned Guan

Paquisis Volcano
Lake Atitlan

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Resplendent Quetzal

Rey Tepepul Reserve
Lake Atitlan

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Birding & Photography Tours for Private Groups & Independent Travelers

Are you looking for birdwatching tours in Guatemala?

Look no further than Birdwatching Guatemala, a specialized branch of Martsam Travel, a reliable full-service Tour Operator with over 28 years of experience in the travel industry of the Mayan World.

So, whether you’re an independent traveler or a private group, BG covers all your birding and photography needs.

Explore the beauty of Guatemala’s birdlife with our birding tours. Join us to discover various stunning bird species in their natural habitats.

Experience the joy of spotting rare and exotic birds surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

Our birding and nature tours are led by knowledgeable and experienced tour guides who will ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

Discover the wonders of Guatemala’s birdlife today!

The Country is home to 766 bird species, with at least 35 having a geographic restriction from southern Mexico to Honduras and part of El Salvador.

At BG, we customize birding trips and day tours for small groups and independent birders, offering personalized itineraries for avid and beginner birdwatchers.

Our professionalism, commitment, flexibility, and quality of birding tours, day trips, bird photography, and nature holidays set us apart.

We offer target trips based on your requirements, combining birding and culture for diverse opportunities to enjoy our cultural and natural treasures.

Please feel free to contact us, a group of local experts will assist you in crafting a private birding trip or helping with your inquiries about birds, destinations, lodging and technical questions.

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Let’s Make Birding Guatemala, The Most Memorable Experience

Why BG?

  • Guatemala by Guatemalans
  • Destination Based Specialist
  • Certified Tour Operator
  • World Class Service at Local Rates
  • Custom -made Birding Trips
  • Flexibility
  • Safe Payments
  • 28+ Years In The Travel Market

Private Birding Day Trips & Tours


We provide short birding breaks in different regions, from one to more days trip, designed for people traveling for a short time.

Our trips are operated privately, tailored according to your requirements, visiting a specific birding hotspot, looking for a unique target, or even with the goal of great pictures.

Our half-day and one–day birding trips start from the main travel destinations, such as Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala City &  Tikal, and Flores Peten.

El Pilar Birding Tour

A private birding day trip from Antigua or Guatemala City visiting El Pilar Reserve, a destination with a high degree of regional endemism located within the North Central American Highlands Zone.

Mirador Del Rey Tepepul

This reserve is found on the western slopes of the Atitlán volcano, with montane and subtropical humid forest areas inhabited by exciting bird species. The main target of this day tour is The Resplendent Quetzal.

Tikal Birding Tour

Tikal Park is one of the best places for birding; More than 400 species have been recorded within Tikal National Park, including 30 birds of prey and 60 migratory bird species.

Paquisis Volcano

The Cerro or Paquisis volcano (“Paquisis hill”) encloses a micro-watershed at the top, where the observation of Horned Guan and other guans (Crested Guan, Highland Guan) is feasible.

Los Tarrales Reserve

Tarrales is a Natural Private Reserve situated in the southeast area of the Volcano of Atitlan, from 615 to 2.600 meters above sea level. This condition allows having a great variety of species in the same place.

Tecpan & Antigua

Tecpan & Antigua One–day birding trip is one of the best options for a day birding tour in the Guatemalan highlands, combining two effortless destinations located nearby Antigua.


This destination is a country of contrasts, a varied climate, colorful Mayan culture, fascinating cuisine, excellent lodging, and an assorted ecosystem home to more than seven hundred species of birds.

Birdwatching Tours Guatemala

Here we present ideas of itineraries that can be booked as they are or that can be easily customized to meet your expectations

Inside Rainforest

5 days 4 nights

We will visit Guatemala’s lowlands including two of the best destinations located within the Peten province (Tropical Rainforest) Tikal and Las Guacamayas Station.

Guatemala Endemics

12 days 11 nights

This tour is a mixture of the best destinations including the best locations to appreciate ecosystems that inhabit endemic bird species.

Highlands & Mayan World

15 days 14 nights

We will visit the colorful destinations within the highlands and Peten province in the lowlands. Destinations that inhabit exciting bird species.

How many birds there are in Guatemala?

The country inhabits 766 bird species distributed in 83 families and 427 genera.; thirty-five restricted to the northern Central America region. The regional variety of the country delivers several possibilities for experiencing rare and beautiful species of birds within their natural habitat, in addition to experiencing the country’s cultural and historical richness.

Where to go for birding ?

Most birding trips concentrate on four most important endemic regions of the country for birding…

Tour Style


Wildlife & Nature

Nature and Wildlife adventures that will take you through the main wildlife destinations, visiting the best ecoregions, national parks, and reserves.


Bird Photography

Our photography trips are a great way of experiencing nature and wildlife as their primary target will be the record of species mainly within their natural habitat.


Shore Excursions

Private Shore Excursion from Puerto Quetzal in the Pacific and Puerto Santo Tomás in the Guatemalan Caribbean, from where we can organize a fantastic birding tour.


Nature & Culture

Tour packages will take you through the region’s important wildlife and cultural destinations, including Antigua, Lake Atitlan, and Tikal National Park.

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