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Antigua Guatemala Birding Tour

Antigua Guatemala Birding Tour: Experience the vibrant birdlife in the heart of Guatemala’s historic city. Join us for a unique adventure exploring diverse species and breathtaking landscapes

Antigua Guatemala World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO attracts travelers to its cobblestone avenues by a high number.

There are several activities for the vacationer to enjoy while vacationing in Antigua. First, the city includes a wealth of churches and ruins that enable you to experience a cultural immersion inside Guatemalan culture and history.

Birdwatching in Antigua Guatemala is an excellent opportunity to discover the world of the birds of Guatemala.

This world heritage destination offers easy and exciting birding activities inside nature reserves and private properties located just 10 minutes from the main square or 1 hour from Guatemala City.

Antigua Guatemala, Important Bird Area (IBA – GT016 )


This IBA lies primarily within the volcanic chain around Antigua Guatemala (Agua, Acatenango, and the active volcanoes of Fuego and Pacaya).

The altitude of this unique birding destination goes from 500 to 3,900 meters above sea level.

The soil includes various habitats such as crops, forestry, coffee, avocado, medlar, and macadamia plantations.

Also, there are some grasslands, montane broadleaf forests, and evergreen and pine-oak forests, among others.

Antigua Guatemala, a birding tour is a beautiful offer with a high degree of regional endemism within the North Central American Highlands Zone.

Antigua Guatemala Birding Tour

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