Guatemala Facts

Guatemala Facts


Interesting Guatemala Facts:


In Guatemala, the Weather conditions vary from season to season and region to region.

For example, the dry season starts in October to early May.

On the other hand, the rainy season lasts from late May until September.

Temperature is usually very mild and very little during the year.

The average high temperature is 77f, and the low is 55f for the central valley.

Keep in mind that higher altitude temperatures dip low after sunset.


Direct-dial service to the USA is available; internet, fax, cable television, and radio are easily accessible


The local currency is the Quetzal, named for the national birds.

The rates fluctuate, so check for the current exchange rate.

Credit cards

Guatemala’s restaurants, hotels, and shops accept all major credit cards, especially in tourist areas.

Departure tax

Air passengers pay US$33.00, usually included in their air ticket.

Land and sea departures are different according to the area.


110-volt AC exists throughout most of the country, but a few locations have 220 volts.

Entry requirements

The Guatemalan government regularly is making efforts to modernize the immigration system, but it is a good idea to check the following link


Guatemala has a democratically elected government with elections every four years.

However, the president cannot be elected for consecutive terms.


Modern sanitary facilities exist in the capital city of Guatemala and some parts of the country.


The last official census belonged in 2002.

Then, the census figures came in at approximately 12 million, but for 2017, the population is about 17 million.

Guatemala is a mix of indigenous, ladinos, and Garifuna.


Most goods and services are subject to a 12% value-added tax (IVA).

In addition, hotels have an additional 10% Tax.

Time zone

Guatemala is within the central standard time zone and does not observe daylight-saving time.


A 10% tip is appropriate for restaurants. Some businesses add the tip to the bill, so check before tipping


Guatemala is 42,000 square miles and is the northern end of America’s central isthmus.

It borders Mexico to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west, Belize and the Caribbean Sea to the east, and El Salvador and Honduras to the south.

The country comprises majestic volcanoes, temperate plateaus, tropical plains, near-desert river valleys, lowlands jungles, and swamp


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