Tecpan and Antigua One Day Birding Trip

Start a Day of Avian Exploration

Tecpan & Antigua Guatemala–A day birding trip is one of the best options for a day birding tour in the Guatemalan highlands, combining two effortless destinations located near Antigua Guatemala, one of the most visited travel destinations in the country.

Morning Ventures and Breakfast Delights

Our one–day birding trip starts at 6:00 a.m. from your hotel in Antigua, Guatemala. After one hour of traveling through the Interamerican highway, you will arrive at a local restaurant to enjoy a tasty breakfast and the famous Guatemalan coffee.

Exploring the Biodiversity of the Central Highlands

Next, we continue to a private nature reserve located within the central highlands endemism zone, a significant natural area that inhabits several regional endemic bird species at an altitude of 2,286 meters above sea level.

Spotting the Exquisite Pink-Headed Warbler and More

Of course, the star of this birding hotspot is the Pink-Headed warbler. However, the reserve also offers the opportunity to spot other exciting bird species such as blue-throated motmot, crescent-chested warbler, yellow-eyed junco, mountain trogon, Rufous-capped and golden-browed warbler, amethyst-throated hummingbird, and occasionally Guatemalan pygmy owl.

Migratory Season: A Blend of Resident and Visiting Birds

From October to late March, during the neotropical migratory season, it is possible to observe resident bird species together with migratory songbirds, especially warblers, vireos, tanagers, and thrushes, enhancing the birding experience.

Lunch and Transition to Antigua Guatemala

Around 11:00 a.m., we will head toward Antigua, Guatemala, arriving at approximately noon for lunch at a local restaurant in unique natural surroundings. Subsequently, after lunch, we continued to El Pilar for a hummingbird encounter.

El Pilar: A Hummingbird Haven in Antigua Guatemala

The Private Reserve El Pilar, located in the Antigua Guatemala, Important Bird Area (IBA – GT016 ) with an elevation that goes from 500 to 3,900 meters above sea level, offers the possibility to observe species such as Green-throated Mountain-gem, Rufous Sabrewing, Berylline Hummingbird, White-eared Hummingbird, Gray Silky-flycatcher, Brown-backed Solitaire, Singing Quail, among others, as a part of our one – day birding trip.

Secure Your Spot for an Unforgettable Birding Experience

In conclusion, book this tour and immerse yourself in a birdwatching adventure that promises the sights and sounds of Guatemala’s exquisite bird species and an enriching experience in the heart of nature’s splendid offerings.

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    • Availability: All Year Round
    • Tour Duration: One Day
    • You Will Visit: Tecpan & El Pilar Nature Reserve
    • Round trip Private transportation
    • Entrance Fees to Tecpan & El Pilar Nature Reserve
    • Bird watching specialist tour guide (English- Spanish speaking)
    • Tips

    Birdwatch with limited time.

    Flexibility is the key!


    Do not worry, take a note that Birdwatching Guatemala is a tailor made birding company that offers birding excursions, starting from the most significant travel destinations, so let us know where you are, and your requirements, we can customize a personal birding trip for you

    Some Species that you can observe during our birding tour are:


    • Pink-headed Warbler
    • Blue-throated Motmot
    • Crescent chested Warbler
    • Yellow-eyed Junco
    • Mountain Trogon
    • Rufous-capped Warbler
    • Golden browed Warbler
    • Amethyst throated Hummingbird
    • Green-throated Mountain-gem
    • Rufous Sabrewing
    • Berylline Hummingbird
    • White-eared Hummingbird
    • Gray Silky-flycatcher
    • Brown-backed Solitaire
    • Azure-rumped Tanager (cabani’s Tanager)
    Packing Ideas – What to bring?
    • Small backpack
    • Binoculars
    • Camera
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Sun cream
    • Hiking shoes
    • Raincoat

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