Exquisite Resplendent Quetzal spotted in one of our Multi-day Birding Packages in Guatemala

Exquisite Multi-day Birding Packages in Guatemala

Unveiling the Beauty of Guatemala’s Avian World

We precisely craft our multi-day birding packages for an unparalleled immersion into Guatemala’s rich birdlife. Enthusiasts and avid birders will find these tours a gateway to diverse avian habitats. Each package is meticulously designed, considering various bird species’ seasonal patterns and habitats, to ensure guests witness spectacular birdwatching experiences.

Imagine the early morning mist lifting while the chorus of Quetzals fills the air, vibrant as their plumage. This glimpse into Guatemala’s untouched landscapes is just the beginning.

Tailored Experiences for Every Birder

Our packages are highly customizable because each birdwatching enthusiast has unique preferences. Whether you’re a solo explorer, in a small group, or with family, we align every tour with your interests. Additionally, our expert guides, knowledgeable in local ecology and bird species, make your journey informative and engaging.

John, a recent guest, remarked, “Spotting the rare Pink-headed Warbler was a dream come true.”

In-Depth Exploration and Comfort Combined

Our multi-day packages let birdwatchers extensively explore Guatemala’s avian treasures while enjoying comfortable accommodations and local cuisine. Moreover, we include visiting the famed Tikal National Park, where ancient Mayan ruins enhance the vibrant birdlife. We aim to deliver a holistic experience, combining birdwatching with local culture and hospitality.

Furthermore, we’re committed to environmental stewardship. We practice sustainable birdwatching, support local conservation efforts, and strive to preserve Guatemala’s ecosystems.

Convenient and Comprehensive Tour Planning

From your first inquiry, our team assists with every trip detail. We handle accommodations, meals, and transportation and provide expert guidance. Our goal is to offer a worry-free, immersive birdwatching experience.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Birdwatching Journey

Embark on a journey to discover Guatemala’s avian wonders. Our multi-day birding packages offer more than a trip; they’re an adventure that stays with you. Contact us to start planning your birdwatching expedition in Central America’s birding paradise.

Multi-day Birdwatching Packages in Guatemala

Discover the wonders of Guatemalan birdlife with our Multi-day Birdwatching Packages, offering customizable travel itineraries designed to meet and exceed your birding expectations

Inside Rainforest

5 days 4 nights

We will visit Guatemala’s lowlands including two of the best destinations located within the Peten province (Tropical Rainforest) Tikal and Las Guacamayas Station.

Guatemala Endemics

12 days 11 nights

This tour is a mixture of the best destinations in Guatemala including the best locations to appreciate ecosystems that inhabit endemic bird species.

Highlands & Mayan World

15 days 14 nights

We will visit the colorful destinations within Guatemala’s highlands and Peten province in Guatemala’s lowlands. Destinations that inhabit exciting bird species.

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