Reservation and Cancellation Policies

Birdwatching Guatemala Reservation and Cancellation Policies


Dear Sir / Madam, we invite you to read our Reservation and Cancellation Policies


Thank you for choosing Birdwatching Guatemala to assist you with your travel arrangements.


The following terms and conditions apply to all Tours organized by Birdwatching Guatemala.

For this purpose, the term “Tours” shall include all room accommodation bookings at hotels, resorts, excursions, tours, transfers, rentals, etc., that have been organized on your behalf by Birdwatching Guatemala.


The trip’s price will be the price agreed upon in the final itinerary accepted and confirmed by email between the Birdwatching Guatemala representative and the client.

All details of what is included are provided.

The price represents a complete package; The breakdown of individual costs is not available.

International flights are not included.

We generally include domestic flights on trips. The final itinerary will indicate all information on flights included or excluded from the total tour price.


Departure taxes, passports, visas, medical expenses, vaccinations, insurance, evacuation, optional excursions, room service, drinks, laundry, excess baggage, tips, phone calls, and costs of a purely personal nature or derived from delay or extension of a trip due to causes entirely beyond our control, are not included.


Your reservation is accepted and confirmed when Birdwatching Guatemala has received all of the following from travelers:

1) The initial trip deposit;

2) Emergency Travel Form from each traveler or participant of the trip;

3) Release of Liability;

4) Confirmed itinerary with terms & Conditions signed by the person who books the trip on his/her behalf or on behalf of their family or group.

We will not hold or confirm your space until the deposit and the other requirements listed here are received.

We kindly request that payment is made in the following manner:

25% of the total cost of the booking is required at the time booking is confirmed.

100% of the total cost of the booking on or before 30 days before departure for Guatemalan tours. Reservations made less than 30 days for Guatemala must be paid in full at the time of reservation.

On Holidays

On Holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Holy Week, apply special payment schedules that will be informed by the representative of Birdwatching Guatemala when receiving a confirmation from the traveler or may require full payment depending on the date of booking.

Birdwatching Guatemala reserves the right to refuse or cancel reservations for any reason at our discretion.

After the first payment, Birdwatching Guatemala will issue a confirmation invoice and a travel payment schedule.

Suppose payments are not received according to the payment schedule described in the reservation invoice. In that case, Birdwatching Guatemala reserves the right to cancel and charge cancellation fees as described in the reservation form.

Unfortunately, failure to remit deposits or payments on time may cancel your reservation, and cancellation fees will apply.

Bank deposit / Wire transfer

Deposit and wire transfer instructions will be sent by email

IMPORTANT: When making your payment, either an initial deposit or final payment, you must inform us by email about the payment completed, the payment method and date sent, and trip references, failure to do so will result in a delay.


Suppose it becomes necessary for you to cancel your trip. In that case, fees will apply computed as of the date of receipt of the written cancellation notice.

Cancellation by traveler

The cancellation of a trip’s participation is necessary to make it in writing, which will come into effect at the time of receipt. If you need to cancel your reservation, you must inform us immediately; we will confirm your cancellation by email.

Based on the date of reception of your cancellation notice, cancellation penalty fees will apply per person.

This policy and rate schedule also apply to pre-trip and post-trip extensions, as well as any transfer from one trip extension to another.

For cancellations received 15 days or more before the first day of the tour,

All non-refundable deposits, surcharges, and deposits will be charged (e.g., non-refundable domestic airfare, helicopter trip deposits, or hotel deposits)

Fully refundable, less 5% of the deposit due to bank account management

100% travel credit for the same trip postponed, change tour or destination change (charges may apply due to holiday season and availability.

For cancellations received 14-8 days before the first day of the tour,

All non-refundable deposits, surcharges, and deposits will be charged (e.g., non-refundable domestic airfare, helicopter trip deposits, or hotel deposits)

A cancellation fee of 25% of the entire trip cost will be charged

100% travel credit for the same trip postponed, change tour or destination change (charges may apply due to holiday season and availability)

7 days or less:

100% of the trip cost will be charged,

Under no circumstances can Birdwatching Guatemala waive or reduce cancellation fees, so it is highly recommended that you purchase travel cancellation/interruption insurance.


We are not responsible for changes that arise as a result of events outside of our control, such as technical or maintenance problems with international transportation, changes imposed by re-scheduling or cancellation of flights by an airline, or main charter company, war, or threat of war, civil strife, industrial disputes, natural disasters, bad weather or terrorist activity.


It is highly recommended that all clients purchase trip cancellation insurance.

All travel participants are responsible for their travel insurance to cover accidents, medical expenses, evacuation, repatriation, and effects loss. Therefore, we suggest you review your insurance health policy to determine if provide any coverage abroad.

It is a condition of the agreement between us that you take out adequate travel insurance against cancellation charges, unexpected curtailment of your vacation, medical expenses arising overseas, including repatriation, loss or damage to luggage, and personal liability claims against you.

Should you fail to secure such any of the destinations’ Travel Insurance coverage before your trip, then you accept full responsibility for yourself and all of the members of your party and indemnify Birdwatching Guatemala and representatives (as applicable) for any and all costs that may arise, which would otherwise have been met, had such travel insurance been in force.


The responsibilities of the trip participants include: selecting a trip appropriate to their interests and abilities; determining that particular destinations and activities are suitable for them; determining that they have good health and excellent physical condition to carry out the trip and specific activities along the way; acquire the necessary passports, visas, and immunizations; ensure adequate insurance coverage; bring appropriate clothing and equipment when going through customs.

Participants are responsible for the destination of personal belongings they choose to take on the trip.


The minimum validity of the passport at the time of Travel is 6 months. Passport expiry of fewer than 6 months is liable to refuse entry in the country of your destination or leave your hometown country.

The traveler’s responsibility is to determine the visa/entry requirements for all destinations and countries visited within a tour. However, Birdwatching Guatemala can help you with this information.


All travelers with medical problems that may interfere or limit participation in the tour or communicable diseases must inform us.

The travel leader/guide has the right to disqualify any person from certain activities if he believes that the person cannot participate safely in the activity.

Birdwatching Guatemala does not guarantee a doctor on a particular trip or destination. We do not assume any responsibility regarding the provision of medical care.

Suppose a participant is injured or becomes ill. In that case, Birdwatching Guatemala, the tour guide/leader may arrange for medical evacuation or other emergency services at the participant’s expense.


Our tours usually do not imply a very strenuous activity. Still, if this cannot be avoided, it will be informed in the final itinerary details.

However, participants must be able to complete moderate walks a day, sometimes on irregular or slippery surfaces, to fully participate in the tour activities.


Birdwatching Guatemala reserves the right to change the route if the need arises due to unforeseen circumstances while traveling.

Suppose the trip leader/guide determines that it is better to deviate from the activities described on the trip program. In that case, he/she will make reasonable efforts to replace an activity of comparable interest and satisfaction for the trip participants.

Suppose significant changes are needed to do before starting any tour. In that case, Birdwatching Guatemala representatives will inform participants about those changes of itinerary or mode of operation.

Whatever additional costs may be, changes such as airline strikes, weather, demonstrations, and political unrest will be the participants’ responsibility.

Finally, Birdwatching Guatemala reserves the right to assign or replace any of its guides on any tour.


Inform the leader/guide of the trip about any problem or dissatisfaction; he/she can usually solve the situation.

If a schedule change is necessary, he/she will usually consult with the participants of the trip. However, in matters related to the safety and proper conduct of the journey, the leader’s decision is unappealable.

Birdwatching Guatemala accepts no responsibility for a participant who violates the laws or regulations of any destination visited, which is considered detrimental to the safety or well-being of other participants in the trip, or whose behavior prevents the operation of the tour or rights, the protection or enjoyment of other travelers.

We can ask that person to leave the trip. Birdwatching Guatemala will not be responsible for the further expenses incurred by any person excluded from continuing a journey, including ground transportation costs and airfares.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding your reservation, cancellation, payment, or travel arrangements. We would be happy to assist.


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