Lake Atitlan Birding Trip

Lake Atitlan Birding Trip

Atitlan is home of the sixth rarest and beautiful bird that is endemic to the cloud forests of this region.

The Horned Guan (Oreophasis derbianus) is a Pleistocene relic of the Cracidae family that persists today only in small fragments of its previous range.

Its habitat is limited to cloud forests above approximately 1650 meters. This bird is the size of a turkey and the adult male has a one-inch scarlet-colored “horn” projecting straight up from the top of its head.

In this amazing destination you can find species such as:

  • Horned Guan
  • Crested Guan
  • Highland guan
  • Emerald Toucanet
  • Blue-throated Motmot
  • Belted Flycatcher
  • Blue and white Mockingbird
  • Black capped Swallow
  • Bushy-crested Jay
  • between others.

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    Lake Atitlan Birding Trip

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