Hu Nal Ye Birding Trips

Hu Nal Ye Ecological Park Birding Trips

Located in the tropical rainforest near 984 feet above sea level in San Pedro Carchá in Las Verapaces district this destination proposes good birding activities inside the dense forest, open areas as well small lakes and rivers.

Some species of birds that can be observed in this destination are:

  • Lovely Cotinga
  • Keel-billed Toucan
  • Collared Aracari
  • Royal Flycatcher
  • Central-American Pigmy-owl
  • Grey Throated Chat
  • Golden-hooded Tanager
  • Clay-colored Robin
  • Greenish and Yellow-bellied Elaenia
  • Mealy Parrot
  • White-crowned Parrot
  • Red-lored Parrot
  • Yellow-throated Euphonia
  • Olive-backed Euphonia
  • Blue-gray Tanager
  • Yellow-winged Tanager
  • Red-capped Manakin
  • among the more than 180 species recorded at this location

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    Hu Nal Ye Birding Trips

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